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"We believe that everyone should have access to Financial Literacy"

Our Story

Every Journey Begins with an idea, right? So did ours! This idea dates back even before last year when Your FinMan started. This idea dates back to 2018 when Shreyans completed his CFP education. Harsh followed him by completing his CFP in early 2019. Both of them noticed one common thing during their course of education which was that our Society lacks Financial Awareness. This lack of awareness not only harms those who are unaware but also the economy and society as a whole. 

We thought this should not be the case and thus we took up the task to educate people about Finance and Personal Finance in any way possible. And thus on 8th March 2020, Your FinMan was born as a concrete medium for the vision we want to achieve.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a catalyst that sparks the light of the importance of Financial Literacy in India. Our Vision is to be a torchbearer to the youths of India that guides them through the path of Financial Freedom. We don't want to change the world but we want to change the world of the youths that trust us with their Money. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to cater to the needs of the youths of India, working with them to enhance their growth and making sure that they start on the right track. Being 22-Year-Olds, we understand the like ages more than anyone else. We consider ourselves very privileged to learn the importance of Financial Literacy very early on in our lives. Coming from humble backgrounds, we know the importance Financial Literacy carries in someone's life. It can literally make or break someone's life. We want to use this platform as an opportunity to spread awareness about what we have learned and what we will learn.

The Team


Shreyans Shah

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Harsh Sahijani

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Our Initiatives



Shreyans Shah has taken up this initiative to empower 5 youths who are the head earners of their families. Shreyans will work personally with them and guide them through the process of enhancing their Personal Financial Growth. Shreyans will in turn waive off his entire fees.



Get your Finance Questions, Doubts, Queries ready, Shreyans will be there to answer all of these on every Tuesday on Your FinMan's Instagram Account.

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