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Stock Market is a Satta Bazaar!

We often come across people who are strong believers of the fact that the Stock Market is nothing but just a legal way to Gamble; that the stock market is a "Satta Bazaar."

But can we get to look at their past experience of the Stock Market in order to actually know why do they have such perception?

Let me tell you, and I don't even need to know the past of numerous people who believe such a thing. Most probably the reason why they have such belief is that in the past they have had a bitter experience in the Stock Markets. They had come to the Stock Markets with an objective to earn money; earn profits and earn it rather quickly.

Who doesn't want to see their stocks going up as soon as they buy? I don't think there's a single person. Our greed, our expectations make us believe that this is the place to earn and in the quick-term.

And that is where the problem lies. We expect too much. We want to earn as much, as many we can, and as soon as we can. And that sets a bar that can't be achieved in the majority of the cases.

They might have come to the stock markets because someone might have referred them or someone from their relatives or acquaintances had been successful in the past or someone had shown them the glitters and shining edges of the Stock Market.

But let me be honest, it is a brutal brutal place. I have seen someone building their houses from the Stock Market and someone selling their houses because of the Stock Market as well.

The difference lies in your expectations. Pretty simple!

When you invest in the stock markets, you are investing in a business. And just like a business takes time to grow, your investments in the Stock Markets too will take time to grow.

So what should you do? Stay away?

Definitely not!

As they say,

"Every Successful Investor is Successful in his or her own way but every unsuccessful investor is unsuccessful in one or the other similar way."

So learn from the mistakes, try to stay away from it and find your own path to reach

the top of the Bazaar😉


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