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Sunday Morning Brew for your Brain.

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FinMail brings you a hand-picked story from the world of Finance every Sunday Morning. FinMail simplifies the complex stuff for you so that you don't need to think twice before explaining the story or even bragging about it. Promise!

Each FinMail is optimised under a read time of 10 minutes, ensuring that we don't take up too much of your Sunday.

So the equation goes like this,

Simplified Finance Story + Under 10 Mins + Value = FinMail.

How is FinMail Prepared for you?

Each FinMail delivers a hot-topic from the World of Finance or if there were no great sizzling stories that happened last week, we bring to you a story that you may have come across but haven't viewed it from the angle of Finance or Personal Finance. 

1. The Story


The story is then simplified for our readers. It is explained to them in the way that the story stays with them forever. We try to make the story more personal, humorous and striking enough to make it more memorable.

2. Simplified


Each FinMail consists of value so high yet optimal, you will learn more and more about Finance and Money with each issue of FinMail. Each FinMail is personalised for our readers that can provide value to them personally.

3. Value Addition



S - Subtly Understandable
U - Uniquely Distinctive
P - Persuasive Language
E - Exquisitely Educative

R - Remarkably Informative

B - Breathtakingly Analytical

Het Mehta

Civil Engineer, UPSC - CSE Aspirant

A Fresh start of your Sunday Morning and brushing up your brain with amazing financial topics has been made possible by Your FinMan. FinMail has been an integrated part of my Sunday Morning Tea since its launch.

Pratik Shah

Cost Management Accountant, CMA

FinMail simplifies financial news and jargon in easy to understand way even for people with a non-finance background. The value it has added has been immense. If you haven't subscribed to FinMail then I'd recommend you to do it right away, trust me you won't regret it.

Jinay Rajparia

CFP Qualified

I strongly recommend Your FinMan's Weekly Newsletter to everyone, because of the valuable & incomparable quality content covering various important and amazing topics from all over the world. They are very much interesting, informative, and detailed with a proper way of explanation to their readers.

Jay Bhagchandani

Teacher, GPSC - CSE Aspirant

Hands down, FinMail is the best source for me to keep up with all the happenings from the world of finance around the week. The stories are well researched and the content is simplified in terms of understanding. I would strongly recommend subscribing to FinMail.

Arth Shah

MBA Student at NJCU

As a Fin-Enthusiast, I always wanted to have a free service, which is curated in simple words to keep me updated weekly or biweekly and I didn't want to add any app for the same. FinMail just sits at a perfect place in there.

Must recommended!

Shreyan Mehta

Karta Dharta, Asambhav Solutions

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