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Are you doing a right thing for your money?

When was the last time you were seeking some solutions for your problems? Not long ago. Or maybe a few minutes ago.

With whom did you share your problems? It must be your family or some friend, right?

We always seek help from our close ones regarding our problems or some might prefer not to share their problems, they just manage it by themselves.

It's good to seek answers but what are the chances that you'll get the right answer to your problem?

Think about it.

You don't just search a solution for your problem from any random person you know. You discuss it with someone who's well aware of the subject/topic.

Of course, this is the right thing to do.

• It's important to ask a question.

• It's more important to ask the right question.

• It's even more important to ask the right question to the right person.

I'm sure you'll agree with me on this.

If you're sharing your problems with someone who is practically unknown to the subject could be disastrous.

You won't ask how to get fit from someone who themselves are not in a good shape or are unhealthy. (You can but you won't.)

It's no harm for a person who's giving advice, it's harm to the advice seeker!

Now let's have a look at it wearing a glass of Personal Finance. (You see I used the word Personal.)

The thing about this subject is that it's subjective! It is based on personal views. That's what makes Personal Finance a bit trickier.

But how?

Suppose you've been having trouble with your eyes and you shared it someone, let's say your friend, named Mohit, in order to get help.

You ask Mohit who's wearing glasses for a long time, seems knowledgeable on the matter.

After briefly listening to your complaint, Mohit takes off his specs & hands them over to you saying try them over. He further says that he had worn those specs for years now & it had really helped him!

Being generous, Mohil even told you to keep those pair of glasses with you as he has an extra pair with him.

Will it work? What do you say?

Obviously not!

Now look at the whole thing I've said, Mohit, who heartedly tried to help you, is not wrong. He is being absolutely genuine with his advice. Those glasses have worked for him for years and he's suggesting you the same. Glasses are tried & tested, over the years!

It's not making sense, right? Because, well, we are aware of the process which goes to get you the perfect pair of glasses.

But when it comes to Personal Finance, we bypass the word PERSONAL. There's a reason it's called 'Personal Finance' and not 'Human Finance' or something else.

Now if you ask someone who you think is well informed about Finance, they might will help you or advices you to do something, which is again tried & tested and most importantly it has worked for them!

Now that person again is not wrong, it has worked for him/her and they are simply telling you to try it as it works.

And that my friend doesn't make sense.

Not stretching it further I will end this article here, in my upcoming blog I will bring you some case studies, practical examples of how copying Personal Financial Decisions leads to a place called Dead-end.

Till then.

Wait wait wait.

अगर यहां तक आ ही गए हो तो फॉलो भी कर दो हमें सोशियल मीडिया पर,

काफी बढ़िया बातें जानेंगे आप इसका आश्वासन है।

शेयर करें इसे अपने सभी दोस्तों के साथ।



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