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Do you really need Financial Planning?

Nowadays Financial Planning is being discussed too much and its need is being propagated to everyone by listing out reasons or disadvantages of not considering it.

So is Financial Planning a market that is artificially created? Or is it really needed?

Is the need for Financial Planning is artificially developed to feed the families of Advisors or is this is an actual need that is not considered by Indians? Before we move on to the answer to this question. Answer yourselves some below-mentioned questions.

· Do you plan your long weekend?

· Do you plan your children's birthday party?

· Do you plan your outings/vacations? Do you plan them?

Whether financially or strategically. Or you just wait for the day to come and arrange it accordingly.

So if you plan for these events, then what about the major and important events in your life?

· Your Higher Education

· Your Personal Home

· Your Marriage

· Your Children's Living Cost

· Your Children's Education as well as Higher Education.

· Your Children's Marriage.

And the most important of all

· Your Retirement and

· Your Estate Planning (Will)

You may have or may have not planned these big events in your mind or anywhere else strategically. But have you planned them Financially?

You may have existing home loans going on but have you ever thought that is there any way I could reduce my EMI's or their repayment period by slightly adjusting your outgoings? Have you ever thought of retiring with enough finances that you need not be dependent on your partner or your children, especially when the joint families are turning nuclear? Dreams can be made true if planned strategically and financially but also taking care of needs first before your wants. Plan your finances today for enlightening your path towards a better and richer future.

Financial Planning includes everything from the moment you start earning your income and to the moment your every financial need, small or large is taken care of. Everything is taken care of under the large shelter of Financial Planning and each of your needs future or current is also considered.

Financial Planning is a process and not a one-time plan. Hence, it should be taken in slowly and steadily as a strategic activity.

We Indians are prone to Planning and we have been planning it for many years and decades but we haven’t been doing it strategically. So Financial Planning does exist in us as a reaction or a habit but it is not been showcased or presented to us as a process. It is a need and a necessity that should be considered for the better growth and protection of our family financially.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your Finances today. Contact a Financial Advisor and safeguard your finances. All it needs is a leap.


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