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Why you should make a loss ASAP in the Stock Markets?

When I started my journey in the Stock Markets, I did it with the SBI Cards IPO.

And if you know about SBI Cards, you know that it opened at a huge discount (13%) and it was a surprise; even for Institutional Investors as they expected at least 20-30% listing gains.

Some of the Institutional Investors had even had borrowed money at 13-15% to apply for the IPO. But markets are supreme and whatever it gives must be accepted.

My journey to this magical world started with a loss. I had invested a portion of my salary's savings and it now stood in red.

Yeah, I was not happy; who would be? but this was a lesson for me. A lesson that would remain with me for the rest of my life. I started in equity markets with a loss. And that was a life-changer.


I believe it helped me soften a bit. It made me grounded. It made me respect the market. It taught me that it is not a place to mint money.

I realised that I will have to be well researched and well equipped with the fundamentals or technicals before I buy a stock or any other asset for instance. I will have to be more patient before I act on any decision of mine and think rationally.

I'll have to have clear goals set right before I invest my money anywhere about what is the goal and what will I do if it gets achieved or failed. I can't think after it actually happened.

And this lesson alone, loss at the first-ever experience has allowed me to stay grounded and make better rational decisions for myself.

I wonder what would have happened if I hit the right spot on my first experience.

I would have been extra arrogant; that is for sure. I would have considered myself supreme and would have taken risky bets as well. What could happen wrong right?

But here we are. FYI; I still have 1 complete lot of SBI Cards in my portfolio and they will be forever with me probably to remind me to be humble every time. Peace


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